Anna's master plan wait.. GAME plan yes!

Anna's master plan wait.. GAME plan yes! - student project


  • Who am I? - Very honest... maybe too honest? not sorry to be honest..
    - Good at advice, apparently, I asked my friend, but now that I think about it, I am.. When needed at least. 
    - Also a silly sloth, who is serious when needed, but who is easily to joke around with.
  • What do I have to offer? - Honest and funny book reviews, I always write while I read the book, and therefor write down my immediate thoughts, sometimes they are humiliating.. but embrace myself, right?!
    - Writing advice around dealing with mental health and having a 
    - Writing prompts from the heart 
  • Merge 'em! 
    - A hard question, funny... I'm a writing but doing stuff like this is harder than peeling an egg for me.... I want to continue doing my book review but from now on really focusing on not just review the book for making the review one that screams 'THIS ONE ANNA WROTE!' I often delete stuff because I find myself cringy but really in the end, I'll always be my own number one fan and I should share what I like to. 
    I wanna make people understand how and why it's important that you still think mental health even when being a writer and maybe working from home. 
    And I wanna actually stop being afraid of sharing my writing prompts. 

Step 2: Create a content game plan. Narrow down the Who, What, Where, When, and How for your platform:

  • Who - New adult
  • What - funny reviews, prompts and advice about mental health
  • Where - Tumblr, my website, and I'll do vlogs on my youtube
  • When - on Wednesdays 
  • How - Connecting with others on twitter and tumblr and pinning on pinterest. And youtube. 

Be sure to share your final project with your classmates, that way we can all help each other fine-tune our author platforms.