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Anna's Style

I'm not sure if this is 100% in interior as it is an outdoor living area, but it is such an amazing space I couldn't resist!  Here are the ways it meets the 8 principles of interior styling;

1.  Need

A comfortable space to relax, lounge, kickback and slowdown.

2.  Shape

A great mix of shapes.  The strong lines of the couch and candle holder are softened by the urn and the round table.  On the wall the bricks are split by the 3 cylindrical poles which again creates visual interest by using different and contrasting shapes. 

The variety of sizes used also create interest and give a sense of balance.

3.  Colour

The muted colours are integrital for the relaxing vibe of the area. The burnt orange on the throw and deep reds of the cushions complement the brick of the rear wall while the navy gives a nice contrast. The dark greys of the furniture and fixings work well and the repetition of colour helps to draw the look together, while pops of green from the plants lift the area. 

4.  Pattern

Once again the brick wall plays a big part with the repetition of bricks serving as a strong background pattern.  This is tempered by the use of softer patterns on the throws and cushions which work well together as they all have a similar look.

5. Texture

There is a good variety of texture including the roughness of the couch base and bricks, the softness of the couch, velvety soft furnishings and hardness of the metalic fixtures.  The plants also add textural interest.

6. Placement

All items are well spaced and the rule of 3 is demonstrated with the bamboo poles in the wall and the collection of round/amorphis items (urn, table, candle). There are no large empty gaps or areas that look overfilled.

7. Bling

Bling is injected through the metallics and glass of both the candle holder and the lantern.  The shine of the urn also gives a feeling of lift.

8. Botanicals

Plans have been used in the styling and also the trees that peek out from over the wall give a lovely sense of intention and completeness.

Before Photos

We have very recently moved into this little house, so recently that most of our precious things, those that make a house a home, have not yet been unpacked.  This will be sorted out over the weekend!  

The limitations for me are size (house is little and our furniture seems big), and the fact that we are renting and so unable to make changes to window dressings, wall colour and can't put too many holes in the walls.  All wall hangings are currently where there were hooks when we moved in. I am definitely going to be banging some hooks into the walls over the next couple of weeks but just need to keep it to a minimum.  

If anyone has any hints or ideas I'd love to hear them, and if they include taking the focus off that massive TV I would be especially grateful!



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