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Anna's Project

8 Principles of Styling:

Couch, coffee table, side table w/lamp

The windows provide geometric patterns, octagonal side table, round vase

Nice POP of green with the sofa, solid purple pillows, orange flowers

Patterned rug, windows

Pictures hung between the windows, 3 pillows at each end of the couch

There's not a whole lot of bling...brass on the coffee table, glass tabletop


My husband, daughter and I have been living in what we call the "gingerbread house" for 3 years now.  We love this old was built in 1923 and has so much charm, original wood flooring, etc.  The kicker is that it's a rent house and is sooooo small and lacks sooooo much storage. I LOVE taking on little projects, though, and in the meantime I don't mind putting some love into this little house and adding to the charm it already has.  

Living Room: 

Lately I've been feeling like my house overall is pretty drab and needs some color and a little revamping in the decorating department.  I feel like some of the basics are good, but overall, the rooms lack interest.

Here is the couch and coffee table as you walk in the front door.  Pretty plain jane.  My snoozing dog is pretty cute, though, and adds some texture to the couch. ;)

Now that I've learned more about the element of shape, I can see I have too many round objects here!  That rug has go to go, too!  


The console, aka, sideboard, aka, hand-me-down dresser....


Here is the book shelf that's really more of an old plant stand that belonged to my grandmother.

I love my old quilt from Pottery Barn, but it's definitely time to update the whole bed/bedroom ambiance! And now that I look at this picture, the fact that the bedside tables are two different heights is really bugging me!  

The picture below really was taken at a decent angle, it's just that the storage ottoman is falling apart because I've shoved too many coats into it.  Poor little thing!

8 Elements of Style:

This room has less color than I would normally prefer, but there is something soothing about this bedroom.  I am drawn to how clean, uncluttered, and calm this room seems.

Everybody needs a bed....the basket under the bedside table has the basket for extra throws...or you could put books, journals, etc. in it instead.

Round base of the lamp, bowl on the bedside table, rectangular shapes in the brick, wood floor, frame, and bedside table.

Neutral base with an extremely subtle pop of color in the purple flowers.

The bricks provide some pattern as does the headboard.  You can barely catch a glimpse of a rug on the floor that has some pattern.

The exposed brick wall, fabrics, the design on the bedside table, the woven basket....

Lamp, bowl, glass tabletop



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