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Anna Smylie

Graphic Designer



Anna's Day

Hey there,

I started by breaking down my everyday routine and narrowing the list to twenty steps:


I sketched a bunch and landed on these icons:


I switched over to Illustrator and iterated on the design until I developed this set of icons:


Voila! Some lessons I learned:

-Stroke consistency (width and type) is key to creating a cohesive set of icons.

-Icons are a delicate balance of abstract and realistic representation. The more balanced, the clearer the message.

My favorite icons are the two commutes. I take the BART and wanted to emphasize the packed crowds inside the train cars. I added an angle to the bodies to differentiate travel to and from work.



— home to work —


— work to home —

I debated whether to include a personal attribute, i.e. my hair in this series. These commuting icons pushed me toward yes so that 1. I could distinguish myself from others and 2. there'd be a hint of character development. Turns out hair is pretty difficult to replicate, too, due to its organic curves and movement. So I learned a third lesson:

-Beware of including hair.

Thanks for reading— any and all feedback is welcome!


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