Annabelle's travels

Annabelle's travels - student project


I think I was way over ambitious with my final project.  I would have liked to make a digital map but having no experience with any graphics programs made it quite difficult to hand in my project on time (working full time and having a young child doesn't give me much time for all the other things I would like to do) so I decided on a collage.  Even though I didn't do what I wanted to, the class has given me a lot of inspiration and resources to get me where I would like to be.  Next step is to look on youtube for some tutorials. My final project is all the places and people we visited during our trip to the UK after Christmas.Annabelle's travels - image 1 - student project



Well, here's my second project. My imaginary city is a fairy princess kingdom.  My husband has been showing me how to use pixelmator - an image editing app.  My first foray in working with images... all pictures used are items that my three year old daughter made at school or at home.  We have a fairy princess, a path, a castle and two forests - one has magic wand trees and the other conefirs :-)

Annabelle's travels - image 2 - student project

I love travelling!! I have 25 years of National Geographic magazines and I love the maps, the pictures, the stories,...   I've always had a fascination of maps and I love finding my way around with a map. I believe I have a decent sense of direction to go where I want to go (my husband might not agree with that statement but it's true!!).

My project is for my daughter. I would like for her to have a printed book of the travels we do each year.  I'm not the most creative person but I'm hoping to be inspired and look forward to learning new things.


My first hand drawn map is our walk to school every day with all the shops we pass on our way.

Annabelle's travels - image 3 - student project

My second hand drawn map is the park in front of our house which we call "our front garden".  We see the fountain from our living room and we call it our "water feature".  Living by a park is great - I can spend quite a bit of time just sitting on my sofa having a cup of tea and looking at our front garden :-)

I love watching the park change over the seasons. 

I've added some numbers to explain what's in the park.  My daughter Annabelle loves taking her scooter, sled or any other type of transport and off she goes. 

Annabelle's travels - image 4 - student project