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Angie Brown

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Annabelle & the Bear

My story is a children's book about a little girl who overpacks to go on a camping trip with her mom & dad. She soon discovers that she doesn't need a bunch of toys, books, and dolls-- all she really needs is her imagination... and a friend. 

Below is the dummy book that I'm working on, consisting of 14 spreads and a single page. I have descriptions in parentheses of the missing images and will be filling those in as they are created. 

06-11 EDITS: I'm reworking the beginning and the end-- to add more of a character arc and drive the theme home without preaching. I'm considering combing two of dad's story spreads into one to give more room for Annabelle's grouching. Still filling in image holes with rough sketches. 


"I'm still taking my stuff. I might need it."

similar to this unrelated illustration I did a few months ago. Minus blue slippers and daisy, plus doll and tea set.


Suggestions and questions are welcome!


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