Annabel (Doodle Noodle) Schechinger

Annabel (Doodle Noodle) Schechinger - student project

Annabel (Doodle Noodle) Schechinger - image 1 - student project

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Hello to all! My name is Annabel, but I tend to brand myself in my work under the name Doodle Noodle, or just Doodle. I currently have a day job in management, which I do enjoy most of the time, but it's not really what I'd like to do for the long haul. I've recently decided to see if I can get out there on my own making a name for myself through illustrations and storytelling!



My Mission is to inspire creativity in others through emotionally impactful storytelling and fun visuals. I want others to find inspiration in the things that I make, and to encourage them to create something of their own!


Annabel (Doodle Noodle) Schechinger - image 2 - student projectMy favorite piece of work is sort of perpetually in progress. I have an inspiration board that I keep hung above my workspace that I have mostly filled with favorite doodles of mine I cut out from the margins of my old notebooks. I also pin up other sources of inspiration on it, such as convention tickets, prints I bought from artists I admire, drawings gifted to me by friends, and other reminders of why I love creating. I just fill it with things that make me happy!

Most of the pins are from notebooks I had in high-school, so some of the drawings seem a little embarrassing now. When I'm feeling stuck I always like to look at everything I've pinned up over the years and remind myself how far I've come!


I'm sort of in a messy stage of my career as an artist. (Illustrator? Cartoonist? Animator?) I know I want to freelance, but now the hard part is going to be really nailing down exactly what I want to focus on creating, and branding myself on that. I'm hoping that as I take this, and other classes, I can really start to develop and perfect myself as a Freelancer. I'd like to travel to conventions and network with other artists I meet along the way. I hope to someday earn a job where I am creating something (be it an animation, cartoon, book, or any other form) that will inspire hundreds of people, if not more!

Doodle Noodle
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