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Ankible: Learn. Share. Together.

Ankible lets you create and share your most useful tool for learning new subjects: flashcards. Inspired by the "Janki Method" - a proven way to accelerate the time it takes to master new knowledge - Ankible uses the time tested system of flashcards and allows you to share them others. Making learning together easy and fun. 

A powerful platform for effective learning, Ankible enables teachers to upload customized decks of flashcards and seamlessly share them with their class. Students flip through flashcards until the subject is mastered. 

Teachers can set learning goals and easily share new flashcards to continue challenging students.

Students join their class, have instant access to flashcards, and master each concept before moving on to the next. 

Learn any subject using the method that works. Ankible.


The above system is based on the Janki Method desribed in this article:

The method relies upon Anki's unique algorithim that shows flashcards to the user exactly before the user forgets the information on it. This is based on the exponential forgetting curve that happens to the human brain. Essentially 90% of what you learn today will be gone tomorrow. This is a natural limit to the human brain's capacity. The "Janki Method" is all about hacking that natural limit.


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