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Anjuna - Pinterest Style Social Bookmarking Site for Indian Weddings

Anjuna is a Pinterest style social bookmarking site for brides planning their Big Fat Indian Wedding. It will be a fun and easy way to share ideas with friends and family

Its a great way to show off your personality , philosophy and style.A cool way to gather ideas and inspiration , share ideas with one another.

Anjuna - 30 Day / 60 Day / 90 day plan

30 Day Plan:
Create Pipeline: For Getting wedding vendors
    •    Create spreadsheet of any wedding vendors who want more customers online
    •    Work on finding who the key decision makers are within the organisation
    •    Work out size of company & likelihood of success
    •    Send a cold email introduction offer a free trial for 30 days to advertise their services.
    •    Send a link of the landing page so they can sign up and have a look at the value proposition (features and benefits)
    •    Join linked in groups for wedding professionals and vendors
    •    Start a blog with information on indian weddings

Create Pipeline: For users (brides & grooms)
    •    Set up landing page with email box to gather emails
    •    Set up Social media profiles - Facebook , Google , Twitter
    •    Create a email list of users and send an email with my value proposition
    •    Create a competition e.g $20 amazon voucher for people who sign up early
    •    Setup a simple Wordpress website so users an vendors can look at a prototype (which will be similar to Pinterest )
    •    Create a Google Adwords / Faeebook ad campaign
    •    Create a brand - which stands out from the rest
    •    Contact indian wedding & wedding bloggers to help spread the word.

Learn Rails

    •    learn to become a rails programmer so i can build this prototype myself

60 day plan

Website Development / Product development

    •    Create version 1.0 of the website
    •    review the results of the previous campaign
    •    Add home page , about page , sign in page for new and existing customers.
    •    Add store page if possible e.g use stripe or Paypal for wedding vendors
    •    Add video explainer page
    •    Increase number of tweets . posts and shares via social media.
    •    send out monthly emails to users and wedding vendors with updates
    •    Create the brand - logos , headlines , sub lines etc
    •    Create a Google Adwords / Facebook ad campaign
    •    Create a brand - which stands out from the rest
    •    Contact indian wedding & wedding bloggers to help spread the word.

90 Day Plan:
Update the website  - Get feedback from users (brides & groom) and customers (any wedding vendors wanting new customers. Allow any wedding vendor or blogger to update their information . Review the number of users visiting , maintain relationships with wedding vendors & bloggers.


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