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Neil Patel

Podcaster & Self-Taught Coder.



Anjuna - Pinterest Style Social Bookmarking Site for Indian Weddings

Hi Guys ,

My Big Idea is Anjuna - A social bookmarking site for brides planning their Big Fat Indian Wedding

website -


How Anjuna Works

01 -  Anjuna is a Pinterest style social bookmarking site for brides planning their Big Fat Indian Wedding. It will be a fun and easy way to share ideas with friends and family

Its a great way to show off your personality , philosophy and style.A cool way to gather ideas and inspiration , share ideas with one another.

02 - The website connects brides with any wedding vendors. It offers these vendors a great way to promote their work thourgh images and video. It provides any wedding vendors get new business using this cool social bookmarking site.

03 - Anjuna will be able to invite your friends and family so they can see the purchases you make , be able to makes comments , share ideas using facebook and twitter.

04 - Anjuna intends to make money using the following ways

(still thinking about this one - your input will help!)

A) Wedding vendors to pay $30 a month to advertise their services

B) It could be commision based structure  - I get 10% of referrals

C) Or it could be a variety of payment plans (Gold , Silver , Bronze)

D) Could use skimlinks ? do when the customer clicks on the link and buys a product i get a commision

List All Major Players

- Brides  
- Close friends & family

- Any Wedding vendors :-

Photographers , videographers , jewellery companies , saree , wedding invitations & stationary companies , transportation , venue for reception and banquets  , catering companies , music DJ, florist decorations

- Indian wedding vendors :-

Saree shops , Indian caterers , indian jewellery shops. indian DJ's , card companies

Selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service


- Want to show off to their friends & family, impress your future in-laws.
- Show everyone their style , ideas , what inspires them,
- Need contacts & friends help to organise various functions
- Need advice &  ideas on what to wear
- Want to have a bigger &  better wedding then their peers and friends
- Want to tell as many people in the world they are getting married
- Want attention and recognition from their friends and family
- Get status & power , be the centre of attention within there family

[4] For the brides -  This IS THE  most important day of their liives. If it goes wrong she will rememeber this day for the rest of their live

There is a big fear when planning an Indian Wedding due to the number of rituals and ceremonies.  It would look bad their  knowledge of rituals and ceremonies sucked,  in front of there future in-laws.

Close friends & Family

- Makes them feel good , helping out other people
- Makes them feel powerful & important
- Influence in making big decisions in someone else's life
- A good way to promote themselves
- Don't want to be left out on planning the big day

 [4] As soon as a indian child is born the parents are planning their wedding , for the family this IS the most important day of their lives. So for them it has to be the BEST day. It is taken very seriously it is more of a religious ritual than a socal or legal affair like that in the western countries.

Any Wedding vendors & Indian Wedding Vendors

- More money
- More customers
- Get new business
- New way to promote themselves
- Can promote any special offers or discounts
- More Internet traffic helps with SEO and Socal media
- More visibility online
- Gain a competitive edge over their rivals
- Another channel to promote their business
- Add new & test out products

[4] Very competitive industry , I believe this would provide another revenue channelt to grow the business. which is the bottom line of every business

List out all things you could possibly charge each player for on the service

- Brides (still thinking , not sure!)

Some ideas:- Free to create 1 board.  To create more then 1 board pay $10 one off fee. Again could use skimlinks

[4] Brides want the best on the day (flowers , food, etc)  , it reflects on them it eveything is cheap , tacky etc

- Close friends & family (still thinking, not sure!)

Same again not sure -  Allow friends &  family access to boards  -  but if they want to pay for a purchase , they can do for special items

[4] Close friends also want the best on the day (flowers , food, etc)  , it reflects on them it eveything is cheap , tacky etc

- Any Wedding vendors :-

For any wedding vendors to promote their business on the  we will have 3 Payment Plans - Bronze , Silver , Gold. HOWEVER TO START I HAVE A PAY MONTHLY OPTION SO IT COULD BE £30 A MONTH

BRONZE - £100 a year  - Very basic listing - name, website , email address

SILVER -  £200 a year Gives the vendor there very own profile page with logo , website  , tel number , email address + 100 words

GOLD - £700 a year. All of the above with a priority listing , your own Video promotion & Gallery -A  with a chance to offer customers  In app purchasing or special discounts .  so they can buy one off items at a special price.


[4] If they do a great job , they will get many referrals so the lifetime of a customer will  increase - e.g Repeat business with other members fo the family.

List the channels (email, facebook, text message, etc.) that you will send your users’ invites through and b. how you will get that contact data




Google +

Email - Yahoo , Google ,Hotmail


Email Newelstter

Google Adwords

Facebook ads

Create a competition for users who sigh up and ahare the invite to their friends and family

Create what those invites will look like

Title: Anjuna invites you to a fun & easy way to plan your wedding !

Subject : Anjuna is a Pinterest style social bookmarking site for brides planning their Big Fat Indian Wedding. It will be a fun and easy way to share ideas with friends and family

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