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Anivia-The Cryophoenix

^Reference, armature, and cat.

Anivia is a champion from League of Legends. She's my absolute favorite, and I've always wanted to makeher. I drew an armature layout, but there is no way I'm posting my stick bird sketch. I can't draw worth a damn, but I sure can trace! One of her abilities is that she comes back to life after being killed every five minutes. She's going to be bursting out of her egg. The figure will be on a base.

I'm not gonna lie, this is probably going to look like a lumpy, blue mess, but the idea here is to REALLY push my limits. Wish me luck! lol 

I think I'll use Super Sculpey for the scenery and blocking and Premo colored clay for the top layer. I'm going to mix white and blue with my pasta machine to create the right color. Next, I'll dry brush some white on to create a frosted effect. 

Solid plan? Am I missing anything? Suggestions? 

::rocking back and forth in a corner:: what have I gotten myself into?!


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