George Offley

IT Support Specialist



Anime Generator

For those like me, we watch lots and lost of anime. We get these new shows/movies to watch from alot of sources; freinds, conventions, databases. What I hope to acomplish is a complete website sometime in the future, because I would use this!

For now what I am looking to setup is a database of anime series and have a webapp that spits out a random series for the user to start enjoying.

Some basic features that I hope to include in this first run through include:

-Generate random series for someone to enjoy

-setup for users to track what they have seen

-Allow users to rate a series, and post reviews

I'm really excited to get started on this project, and hope that you'll like what I've come up with. So far I have come up with the starting pages, and am researching some cool navbar designs to make it a little unique.





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