Animation test run

Initially wasn’t very sure I would find a particular use for animation but thought I would give this a go anyway because I like Lettie’s classes. How wrong was I?! This is a genius idea and so simple - am going to be able to use these little videos to have lots of fun sending art to friends, whole new way to play! Thank you Lettie for sharing this simple technique!

 ok here is my first little attempt at animating, I was concentrating more on how to capture the video correctly than I was the quality of my art :-) .... but the idea is there even if my handwriting isn’t the best! It’s a shame the video needs to be 6 secs or less to make into gifs for uploading here as that is very short indeed (brevity isn’t my strong suit, can you tell?!)

 I will update this project when I have time to play about with this concept a little more but can see lots of potential with this fun little method - the best part is most of the work is already done on lots of files I already have in procreate (if you have your art already separated in layers like I do then adding a message and recording a short video of it coming alive a very simple extra step). Genius Lettie, thank you x




Had another little go at this, need to work on the timing and how to sync the opening and closing pic (threw a heart in at the last minute but probably better to have just left the screen yellow in the last frame) but it was fun to make:1596123b




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