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Animation-centric Website - student project

The project that I am focusing on with my productivity workshop is an animation website that I created called Because I am finishing up my MFA degree, I have not had as much time as I would like to really focus on creating content for the site, so I am hoping that this workshop can help me create a solid foundation so that when I graduate I can hit the ground running with a solid plan.

Having Thomas Frank lead the first class was a huge help for me too as his content and structure is similar to what I want to make (videos, blog posts, etc, of course with a different niche) so it's nice to see someone with a media-centric goal.Animation-centric Website - image 1 - student project

Evernote had been my go-to for the longest time, but it's mostly been useful as a larger sandbox to dump general ideas out into. I've found that I need an app that I can get more specific with. So I have to check out a bunch that are mentioned in the class.

The one app I have seen people use and just set up to try is Trello. So I am hoping that I can figure out a combination of what to use. I am a fiend for downloading every productivity app and then spreading myself too thin across them, so I'd really like to take the time right now and figure out a workflow to start with and adjust as I gain experience. I think Trello's way of structuring tasks will be beneficial for now.

Animation-centric Website - image 2 - student project

I do use the standards like Google Drive and Gmail. I've used bullet journals on and off since 2013, but haven't found that very helpful for an Editorial-type calendar (but to be fair, I've never given it much of a try).

I have a Passion Planner this year, as I still really enjoy having a physical planner and found that for my final year of school I needed something with more built-in structure than a bullet journal. But I am not sure if it will be good for editorial work when I'm done. As I said, it'll have to just be some trial and error as I learn about my workflow. 

Jen Hurler
Animation Nerd