Animating With Character - Sequences

It seems like not many students made it to the end of this 3-parts tutorial. To be honest, I was scared of DUIK and character animation in general just by looking at the number of key frames and wondering how the hell did people manage that kind of chaos. Thank you Jake because you are the one who help us understand the process. It is still very intimidating tho.


I found myself having quite a lot of trouble matching the foot steps and position so that it won't look like my character is sliding. So for the second half of the sequence, I actually used ruler to find out exactly where my character's feet should be


Starting with the foot having contact with the ground



Move forward a few key frames right before it starts moving again and move the null potition forward so that the leg will still line up with the ruler.



And then repeat the process with the leg having contact with the ground.






Final render, would have spent a bit more time adjusting key frames but I need to run through other things quickly before school of motion starts next week. d59994e4



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