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Animated Self Portrait

Here we go! Beginning the journey into creating an animated self portrait. 

Task 1:

I've started (as recommended) by compiling a pinterest board of inspiration, which can be viewed here:

I definitely love realistic, yet simple designs that use creamy, soft colors.

Loish is a huge inspirtation for me, her art and character designs are incredible. 

I'll be uploading, at the very least, my initial character sketch this afternoon! 

Task 2:

First rough sketch is complete! 


Went for a semi-realitic self portrait with an added flair of a cute side-character. Also liked the idea of a circular frame, so I went with that. 

On to coloring! 

Task 3a (Ink+ColorBlocking): 

Only had time tonight to get the basic color blocking palette down. Here's the progess I've made: 


Going to have to work on more detailed coloring (like sweater + scarf design) tomorrow. 

I'm definitely enjoying this process though, and I've learned a lot already! 

Task 3b (Full Coloring):

Put the finishing touches on coloring and I'm happy with the results! Its crazy what rosy cheeks and a simple sweater pattern can do for a character: 


Next step is animation! 


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