Animated Play Experiments

Animated Play Experiments - student project

Here's several short gif experiments I've created using Procreate's new animation feature. It's really good fun to just mess around with and see what happens. Enjoy!

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely and it was certainly true of those wannabe kings and queens working their way to a spot on the iron throne in Game of Thrones. By combining a combination of stop motion animation footage with some funny cartoon effects you can create a humorous animation without getting egg on your face lol.

Animated Play Experiments - image 1 - student project

Love Hayao Miyazaki’s classic Japanese animation, Spirited Away, so thought I’d play with the story, imagining a different outcome for the spirit No-Face if evil witch Yubaba had been able to mess with time quite literally as a headed metronome lol and defeat it! Even only using a small number of frames can give you great effects.

Animated Play Experiments - image 2 - student project

The greater Bermuda land snail has been found alive and well in Hamilton after it was thought to have been extinct some 40 years ago. Wow! So, in honour of its new found famed appearance, thought I’d have a go at creating a bouncy introduction to the world again from said mollusk!

Animated Play Experiments - image 3 - student project

Getting some ideas from other Procreate courses as well. Anyway with my tongue firmly in a cheek (don't know whose lol) I'd say there's a bit of of skullduggery experimentation going on here, one involving the use of colour, textures and brushes to see how they all fit together, as part of an animation on a colouring book skull pic.

Animated Play Experiments - image 4 - student project


I wanted to see how injecting colour into an existing doodle sketch could great some cool effects. Because of the ongoing Game of Thrones coffee cup prop clanger blaming row I thought I could modify my original Night King animation to good effect!

Animated Play Experiments - image 5 - student project

There's a newly proposed London high rise rooftop swimming pool in the offing, but it looks like it could be vulnerable to invasion by the local wildlife lol

Animated Play Experiments - image 6 - student project

Not sure I can do any of the WW2 veterans justice as the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings is commemorated. Must have been really scary facing your enemies full on as you landed on French soil! Gave me an opportunity to try using textures with lettering and masks as an intro transition.

Animated Play Experiments - image 7 - student project

Amazon's Good Omens is as quirky and brilliant as I'd expected with a brilliant classic Bentley roaring around London and Oxfordshire. I've been trying out the new video layers feature in Procreate, which means I've had great fun animating said classic car in motion comic book form.

Animated Play Experiments - image 8 - student project

Pinch Punch, first day of the month and at least one cheeky chappy is happy that May has gone forth into June, because this means it's one less month to wait until the release of new Star Wars film, 'The Rise of Skywalker!' 

Animated Play Experiments - image 9 - student project

Game of Thrones may have finished, but just recently I discovered this amazing light and tangy ale on tap in a local pub. It's called Dragon in Bavaria from Oakham Ales brewery. Seemed only fitting to bring said mythical beastie to life and have him, or her enjoying a well earned drink too!

Animated Play Experiments - image 10 - student project

Couldn't resist bringing this old man to life again, so happy World Dracula Day (May 26th) to all the cosplayers who found their inner Bram Stoker. I'm sure you all counted hugely and put on a most fiendish show in honour of the first publication of Dracula the novel back in 1897. Mu ha ha! lol

Animated Play Experiments - image 11 - student project

To celebrate the weird and wonderful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, fans of Douglas Adam commemorate his life with Towel Day (May 25th). Rich talks about using quotes or text, so in that spirit I doodled a sketch imagining The Night King from Game of Thrones as an additional character facing off wet towels in a vain effort to get them dry for interstellar travellers lol

Animated Play Experiments - image 12 - student project


Queen Victoria - I used a well known saucy quote Vic said, which I've slightly modified to show her rebellious side and celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth on May 24th 1819.

Animated Play Experiments - image 13 - student project

Footy Giraffe - What's not to love about Giraffes - I used the transform tools to animate the legs, 'cos I just can't do them lol

Animated Play Experiments - image 14 - student project

Purple Dino Sneeze - Played with the warp tool to get some cool bloated effects. My original idea was to have the cat jumping out of its skin, but that was tricky to animate and this works as well I think, so settled for scaring the sleeping moggy completely out of its wits!

Animated Play Experiments - image 15 - student project

Ticklish creature - First try at layers with text when Procreate 4.3. was just released. Tee hee hee!

Animated Play Experiments - image 16 - student project

Rocketman - Nope not the Elton John film, but it did give me an idea for an animated theme. Here I'm messing around with textures, groupings and brush effects, using drawings and icons imported from Pixite's Assembly app.

Animated Play Experiments - image 17 - student project

What's up Doc! - A nod to the old Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny endings, plus it was Easter when I made this.

Animated Play Experiments - image 18 - student project

Stonehenge Alien Visit - Recently it was World Heritage Day, plus it'll soon to be the Summer Solstice, so thought it was high time an alien visited this great UK landmark!

Animated Play Experiments - image 19 - student project 

Skully - A nod to The Bard, Mr Bill Shakespeare. Quick play with a skull as you do lol

Animated Play Experiments - image 20 - student project

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