Animated Lady

Animated Lady - image 1 - student project

I am going to animate this lady. Well, in the world of digital arts, the whole process is essential. I am applying what I learn from the main animation tutorial. The hair will be divided into 3-4 parts.  Therefore, the hair will be animated. I believe I would add two bamboo plants on each side of this woman. These bamboo plants will be swinging back and forth. 

Perhaps, I will add a panda with this lady. It will look well with the animating the bamboo. Maybe inspiring the neck and head of the panda will create more interest.


Animated Lady - image 2 - student project


Looking at the composition, I think I should use three different shades of blonde hair.  Adding some sparkle glitter to the dress may be fun to see. It would be similar to how the stars were animated from the main animation tutorial. Well, I can also think about placing a golden necklace with a sparkling ruby or diamond. 


Now, when I go to Photoshop or illustrator. I will have an easier time drawing my main character. 

However, I believe that as an online teacher, you have made coding expression scripts interesting and fun at the same time. In the past, I thought coding was boring. I think incorporating scripting to my digital work can take me to the next level, as a digital artist.

 Animated Lady - image 3 - student project

Simon Tam
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