Animated Gear logo

Animated Gear logo - student project

Update 3 (May 7):

Worked on making it more lively (especially the eye). Also, upon viewing other animated logos, I realized I needed to set mine to music:

Password: skillshare

Comments/Critiques still appreciated :)


Update 2 (April 29):

First .gif round!

I'm really happy with the opening, but I'm unsure about the introduction of the stylus & scapel at the end. Wondering if the timing is off or if I should try another movement.

Critiques & comments appreciated!


Animated Gear logo - image 1 - student project

Looped forever:

Animated Gear logo - image 2 - student project


Update 1 (April 25):

I've really liked seeing people's storyboards and thought process so I wanted to update my project with them.

My logo is based off a nickname "Melbot" and that I'm a medical artist.

Final image:

Animated Gear logo - image 3 - student project


Animated Gear logo - image 4 - student project

By writing the storyboards backwards, it took a lot of pressure off and was easy to do, but for writing, I'll write them sequentially.

  1. Gear spinning on screen (slow and with motion blur -- Thanks again Arthur!); little gear rolls in from the right and sticks to the larger gear; this causes the motion to halt and restart in a clockwise rotation
  2. Through a series of growing and shrinking circles, an eye forms; gears are still turning slowly
  3. The word "Melbot" will swipe on (in the direction of rotation). I think for the stylus, I'll have it scale up from the center and rotate into its final position. This process will cause the gears to slow and halt (about a 45 degree angle)
  4. The gears slowly rotate to a center position and studio/scapel swipe on similar to 4
  5. The center eye blinks

Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated!


Hi everyone!

I'm running into a problem with an animated gear.

I made the gear in Illustrator (all one layer; the inside holes are transparent), imported to AE and applied rotation keys ( 0x0 to 1x0). Parallax is happening in the rotation. How would you solve this problem?

Animated Gear logo - image 5 - student project

I thought about making the inside holes their own layer and making their rotation opposite of the gear, but it doesn't play nice when you shrink/grow the keyframes.

Sadly, my project won't be finished for tonight but I thought this might be a common question for the Q&A portion

Melissa Sisk

Biomedical Animator + Illustrator