Animated Catapult

Hi Neil,


Here is what I end up with after finishing the course, everything went fine exept for the VFX part. Since I'm using Blender 2.90, settings seem to be a bit different, so the fire is not as good as it should be, but unfortunately I couldn't spend a lot of time on trying to tweak settings, so I just rendered what I have, even if it's not satisfying. 


I'm glad I learnt more about the animation process, and how to manage the bones structure.


Thanks again for the quality of your courses. It's a real pleasure to follow them.


I was planning on doing your Sci-Fi animated scene course afterwards, as you suggested it to me on the revue of the medieval well course, but since you just released a new course on Blender 2.90, I might just go ahead and try this one out. Hopefully, I'll have the time to finish it before Halloween, but since I'm trying to do the inktober challenge, it might be complicated to do both!