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Animate your Photos!

Class description:

This class teaches you how you can convert your boring photo into an awesome animated photo. The steps outlined in this class is very simple, and everyone can follow all the steps easily in order to transform any static image into animated image.

There are 3 videos in this class:

  1. Intro Video
  2. Editing the photo
  3. Applying the animation

Project description:

  1. Choose a photo that you want to convert into animated photo
  2. Edit the photo using Photoshop. Separate the main object from the background, and save each of them as different images
  3. Import the images from the previous step into Sony Vegas Pro, and set the keyframe for each images.
  4. Post your animated photo into the project section for feedback


  1. Photo / still image that you want to convert into animated photo
  2. Adobe Photoshop (free trial version available), or other image editor 
  3. Sony Vegas Pro (free trial version available), or other video editor

Video Lesson Outline

Introduction Video

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