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Andrew Tan

3D Animator



Animate a walk cycle LIKE A BOSS


Many self-taught animators I realized, do not have an organized structure on how to animate. In this class I will show you how to do it LIKE A BOSS (a professional). You can take this kind of organized working structure into your other animations.

What you'll learn :

  • Animate like a professional - learn the steps on how a real professional animator goes into animating a walk cycle ready for production
  • Organized workflow - how to keep your animation tidy and clean, so that you can go back for interations if needed
  • Applying your 12 principles of animation - this makes a good practice for your animation principles, because a walk cycle uses most of those principles. 
  • Polishing your animation at the highest quality - I will go through the amount of details that professionals do that sets apart from the animation you see on the web
  • Mental game - (bonus) the mental mindset to have when getting critiques, being patient in the learning process, and being persistent.

Assignment :

You will create a walk cycle that willl loop infinitely

  • use any free rigs you may find on the web, personal favorite is Norman rig
  • playback is 24 fps (frames per second)
  • 24 frame range
  • upload your animation to SyncSketch that way I may be able to give some feedback
  • if you are doing it in 3D, it should have perspective view of  your animation. (Optional - have multiple views of you animation, eg Front, Side, Perspective)
  • for 2D - just a side view (optional: to do a front or perspective view as well)

Project Deliverables :

  1. an MOV file of your animation in the Blocking stage
  2. an MOV file of your animation in the Polishing stage


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