Animal type

Animal type - student project

Was thinking to go for either a duck or a bug but still not decided.

Started with the duck:

Animal type - image 1 - student project

Didn't quite like where it's going but it still remained an option.

I started working on the bug. Was thinking to create a rather simple type and create and irredescent effect as some insects have.

Animal type - image 2 - student project

Animal type - image 3 - student project

Animal type - image 4 - student project

Not much success either plus I didn't have a main theme to incorporate these into.

Animal type - image 5 - student project

Animal type - image 6 - student project

Animal type - image 7 - student project

Because of the lack of inspiration and ideas, I checked an archive of Aesop's fables on and started reading through the titles. 

The Ass in the Lion's Skin Fable sounds nice, am thinking on creating a type half donkey half lion.

Animal type - image 8 - student project

Also came along an idea of creating a bat.


Animal type - image 9 - student project


This one actually resembles a bat rather than the previous ones I tried. 

Meanwhile, I though about trying an elephant since a lot of people tell me my character and behaviour is similar to one :) 

Will try something different this time, like a capital letter for example instead of the whole word.

Animal type - image 10 - student project

Animal type - image 11 - student project

I quite like the idea of an 'e' resembling an elephant. Will work more on that. Since I feel more comfortable working in Adobe Illustrator, I did a couple of sketches on there. Not before doing some research on elephants.

Animal type - image 12 - student project

Animal type - image 13 - student project

There are a couple of elements I can use to make my type look like an elephant. First one is obviously the trunk. I can also use the tusks usually seen on African elephants. And, what I like the most, the texture. That kind of texture would look awesome in a illustration. 

Turns out elephants are herbivorous and can be found in different habitats including savannahs, forests, deserts and marshes. They prefer to stay near water as said on Wikipedia. These are elements I could incorporate in my concepts. 

Animal type - image 14 - student project

I quite like the atmosphere this illustration creates by illustrating the elephant in a solid black colour. 

Also I've read on wikipedia that elephants are usually positive characters in fables and tales, but I decided not to abide by any of these an create something different and original.

Animal type - image 15 - student project

The first version I tried looks too cartoon-like. Plus looks like a funny 'e'. Would like it to be more like a Helvetica type 'e' and less like a genuine elephant.

Animal type - image 16 - student project

To create a texture I live traced a photo of an elephant in Adobe Illustrator. 

I created another elephant, having a bold Helvetica 'e' letter as a guide this time, and added the texture I just created. The result is quite impressive!

Animal type - image 17 - student project

It's a nice kind of weird and unique. 

While trying out thumbnails of the layout of my illustration, I thought it would be nice to try and recreate a scree print aesthetic.

Animal type - image 18 - student project

Gave up on the idea to use any other elements than my letter. I want it to be as simple and bold as possible.

I created a custom bold type and added a hint of screen print style to it.

Animal type - image 19 - student project

Animal type - image 20 - student project

Also added an 'e' on the background of the elephant illustration to add more weirdness and some colour too. Even the word 'elephant' seems not quite necessary so I gave up on it too. I will only use the illustration on a clean background to create more emphasis on the illustration itself. 

Animal type - image 21 - student project

Animal type - image 22 - student project

Some styles that I used as guides and inspiration. So happy I found out about vintage matchboxes in this tutorial! They're A W E S O M E

In order to achieve this kind of style I edited my illustration in Adobe Photoshop, added some noise and texture. 

Animal type - image 23 - student project

Didn't quite like the result and looked too cliche. I went for a clean look after all. And chose to use an A4 paper size rather than a square.

Animal type - image 24 - student project

I absolutely love this! So happy I decided to do this project. Thank you for the awesome lesson. I am actually thinking on screen printing this and hanging it on my wall. I achieved the style I was going for and created something different, and I'm so proud of it!