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Animal rescue

I am really not happy with this work but I saw it more as an exercise than trying to produce something great. Anita Kunz's video was very helpful though, finding words that associate with the main theme is a great idea. I usually draw portraits or copy things I see and I'm really bad at drawing from my imagination and when I do the outcome is always very childish and amateurish. 

I chose animal rescue and when I googled it I found these words and wrote them down.

1) Abuse

2) Protection

3) Care

4) Shelter

5) Sanctuary

6) Foster Home

7) Rehabilitate

8) Dogs, cats

So I thought of a foster family taking care of an abused and neglected animal the same way a family that's fostering a child would. Of course the animal can't just easily forget of his/her past and the dangers are still outside but the family is doing the best they can.

I looked at pictures on google to get ideas and I quickly drew this.

Then I used black pen on a tracing paper over the drawing because paper I used to draw made my pen dry.

I used another tracing paper to add colour which I wish I hadn't because the colours weren't as strong as usual and they bled everywhere.


Then I used photoshop to put them together and improve the colours.

Like I said I'm not happy with the outcome but I'll use what I learn in this class to do something better in the future.


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