Animal icons-Shiba Inu!

Animal icons-Shiba Inu! - student project

I am a textile designer with a love for illustration, shapes and patterns. I wanted to design a series that would go on a personal site that is not live yet. Also icons that could possibly be used on greeting cards. As I did the word map only few concepts really popped out.

Animal icons-Shiba Inu! - image 1 - student project

These are just some of my rough sketches...I think im gonna gonna focus on the shiba inu which is my dog and has a major personality to draw more inspiration from...I just might end up doing both either way. I gonna post more sketches tomorrow. Overall i want to project a certain playfulness from the icons and just have the right amount of mischievousness. Color choices in the end will help with that.  Appreciate any feedback!

Elizabeth Burger
Surface Designer, Illustrator and Fine Artist