Amelia Fulton

visual artist and marketing professional



Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) rebrand

At university, I created a PR campaign for AWLQ to promote rehoming/adoption of pets to 20 - 30 year old people. As such, I became quite interested in the brand and what they do. I've always felt their logo lacked a little though, so I used this course to rebrand the company. 

AWLQ is one of the most successful animal shelters in Australia and is the highest rehoming shelter in QLD. They have a zero-euthanasia policy (unlike RSPCA) and are run mostly by volunteers and through donations. Their logo features their acronym AWLQ and their slogan 'embracing a brighter future'. The broken disc surrounding the logo, I think, represents an 'embrace', while the gold is like the bright future. Of course, there's a pawprint as well. The shelter deals with a variety of animals so the pawprint isn't entirely inclusive, but for this purpose, it indicates animals so I won't be changing that. 


I began with a brief assessment of the logo and how the company was using it across their platforms and drew a bunch of paw vectors which I later used in the final logo.



The 'disc' shape of the original logo always annoyed me so I used a grid to reform the acronym and position the pawprint and slogan. below are a few examples of what I came up with!

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I think the Q could definitely  be clarified, the slogan doesn't quite feel as part of the logo as before, but I definitely prefer the shape and feel of it. 


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