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Romney McPhie

Budding illustrator!



Animal Thoughts

Hello all,

I would like to start by saying I am immensely impressed by the level of creativity and skill expressed in the Projects posted for this class.  I am not an artist by trade - I am a marine biologist living in Vancouver B.C.  But I am an aspiring artist.  Drawing gives me so much pleasure.  It allows me to slow down, to take time for myself, and to exercise my creative side which often gets lost during my daily life.  I was introduced to your work, Yuko, while taking a short Continuing Studies workshop called 'Discovering Your Style' at Emily Carr University.  Discovering Skillshare and this course has inspired me to learn more, practice more, and find even more joy in creating.  Thank you everyone!

Unfortunately, my busy life of science has kept me from completing my Project.  Posted are preliminary pieces.  The first I did while watching the instructional videos.  I had no intention of actually doing a piece, and instead started by just testing the brushes and nibs.  The zebra evolved from these preliminary lines.  I didn't do an intial sketch, but just put ink directly to paper.

The zebra is in a 'thought bubble', because a (yet to be inked!) predator is thinking of the zebra... 

The zebra's thought bubble contains the predator (which is why the zebra is looking more than a little nervous).

And here is the predator, which I didn't have a chance to finish.

I normally draw with pencil and pen, and the different strokes are definitely challenging me.  But I'm loving the challenge, and am looking forward to practicing creating different textures.


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