Animal Texture

Animal Texture - student project

I started this class 3 days ago. Seeing the length I was sure, that will take a long time to finish all the project - and I was right :). But I managed to get all the exercises done and just finished the fox - maybe I will have enough time tomorrow to finish - I will keep you updated.

For the Exercises I have to say: It was fun, well explained and even though I am not satified with all the endresults, I learned a lot and understood more about the process. The biggest challenge were the scele project, because I never tried that before.

Animal Texture - image 1 - student project


Animal Texture - image 2 - student project


The Fox. I love painting foxes, but this one is extremly fluffy and I think, I myself would have never chosen this Reference, but it was a good choice for this class. I watched the whole Tutorial and then did it on my own. He doesn't look like I wanted him to look, but it's a fox :)

Animal Texture - image 3 - student project


So, I did the flamigo today and am totally unhappy with it. Everything did go wrong. At first I couldn't mix the right colors - I needed three times till I got a black! And then I lost all my whites, I did the beak totally wrong and realized it to late and then I had to correct everything with a lot of white gouche and lost all the least I finished it. Flamingos are not for me, I think.

Animal Texture - image 4 - student project


Finally the snake is finished. I think I never would have painted a snake, if it wasn't for this class, but it was an interesting (and long :)) process. I liked it. All in all I learned a lot, about mixing colors, to chose which areas are important and how to achieve texture. Thanks a lot Denise, I already  recommended this class to others. It is really worth the time and the effort.

Animal Texture - image 5 - student project

Lenna Heide
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