Animal Nutcracker

Animal Nutcracker - student project

Dear community :)

Last Christmas I bought a classic nutcracker for my little 4 year old daughter. She loved it - she is able now to crack different nuts herself now - a little step to Independence, she loves it :)

But she is just such an animal person. So I thought I should get an animal-nutcracker. But I could not find one. So I thought about making one by myself but have no idea where to start. 

So here it is - just a first draft for a nutcracker, to get a first impression. Not the most impressive draft - but I figured it’s a great start to make first steps into designing, prototyping and manufacturing. 

I am happy for all inputs :)

Looking forward learning with you!

greetings from Austria, 


PS: If it is not that clearly - this is supposed to be a bear :)


Animal Nutcracker - image 1 - student project