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Animal Kingdom T-Shirts by IHsquared

Stylistic illustrations of animals printed on high quality t-shirts with comfortable lightweight inks. Made in the USA


About the Project

This is a Project to fund my first official line of t-shirts, you would essentially be pre-ordering with your pledge, to allow me to be able to order the minimum quantities required by the screen printer.

The reason I create art is for the feeling I get when I step back from the piece and see all the time and energy transforming an inert piece of paper into what feels like a living being. In that moment I feel that all is right with the world and I feel a great sense of calm. I am totally addicted to it... I guess the first step is admitting it, right? 

I want to create art for the rest of my life, but not because I want to be rich or famous. I am just in a state of zen when I can make things all day, and t-shirts are a great outlet for my imagination.  Thank you for any support in helping me accomplish this goal.

I want to get started with these four designs. I have tons of other pieces that are ready to print but I need a little money to get myself started, If we are able to exceed the goal I will be able to release extra t-shirts as stretch goals!

Thanks for the help getting my project together!


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