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Matt White

Designer & Compassionate Dissident



Angustora Orange Bitters Label Re-Design

Focusing on the classic Angostura Bitters brand, I can't help but be drawn to its old world approach, but also notice how obsolete it feels on the store shelf. The classic elements of the lable rely on the oversized paper that does not lay flush with the bottle, but rather after many Manhattans and Old Fashsions becomes crinkled, adding charachter and history to this amazing aromatic cocktail ingrediant.

Angostura business relies primarily on their regular bitters, but sometimes orange bitters are the perfect way to spin a cocktail. The brand needs to push this product more, get more of the markets share it already holds as the primary brand of bitters sold in most super markets. It can achive this goal by differentiating the look and feel of the current lable that has an arbitrary orange-slice-blob as its distinguishing value. For the over stimulated consumer, that surely isn't enough determinate information.

The consumer and the brand need to be in tune with one another and these similar products are borderline identical to the untrained eye and thats bad for everyone.


Final Choice for label:

Secondary Process: Linoleum Cut and Plexiglass etching

Still need to fill in some of the type and get the label through the press bed.


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