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Angry cat and to do lists

Zines really are addictive! I did two for this project and reallllllllllllllly enjoyed them both. Was really refreshing to work quickly and to work straight onto the paper  them in so no faffing around on the computer which was a big bonus. 

My first zine I based on my tempramental cat, Mylo using Tombow brush pens. 


The colours show up much better on this scan. 



My second zine is something I wanted to do for a while. I've left my own notebooks from 2008 and they are full of not very interesting things like to do lists. But I noticed, slightly depressingly, that my sort of lie goal to do lists had barely changed over the years, im still trying to cook more, do more exercise, find a boyfriend and get a job I like. 

I used a collage style for this one and used washi tape to build up transparencies and layers, really pleased with how it came out. I scanned it in first and Im really happy with how the textures work. 





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