Angry Gaijin - Level Up!

May 16th Project Update!

All right so I may be late to have this in, but I thought I'd post it just in case!

I have been stumped as how to really fix my Angry Gaijin blog (I'm trying to go for something more positive though), so in the meanwhile I've been working on a new blog project that I've been wanting to start for a while.

So behold!  The Canadaism Blog!  A blog for Canadian content and canadian content-creators, where everyone is welcome (Canadian or not).  This is brand new as of this week, but I've been trying to apply what I learned from this class.

* * *

Hello all!

Cameron Ohara the 'Angry Gaijin' here!  (

I've been blogging for almost 2 years and this past April I had 2,600 page views.  Also in the past month I've started utilizing social media to get people interested in my blog.  But I feel my blog lacks focus.  I'm hoping to work on that here! :)

I've been thinking about what Jacqueline said in her video and here's what I've thought up so far (I'm not sure how good any of this is yet!):

Why am I blogging?  To promote and share my illustration and Japanese-English business; to look at Japan as a 'fish out of water,' albeit a fish with a breathing suit.

Who is my ideal audience?  Assistant Language Teachers and other people who come to Japan to live, work study; Japanese folks interested in their country and it's place in the world; people interested in Japan; people doing business with Japan/Japanese language.

What should people walk away with after reading my blog?  That there is more to Japan than meets the eye, but that it is a beautiful, understandable but unique country.


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