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Angie N - student project

Hi I'm Angie N. or noodleloon on all my social media handles. I'm still discovering my brand but recently and with the help of this class, I've figured out a direction I want to go in. My dream creative business would be one where everything is created by me. I want to be my own printmaker, jewelry designer, and creative. I love hands on work that allows me to be immersed in a project. My ideal life would be me having my own studio surrounded by things I can create with. I want to work with a customer base, I want total creative freedom with myself and my brand. I want to have everything not made by me to be made in collaboration with local American business' to support other people who want a life like mine. I value family, independence, creativity, handmade things, and work that is very graphic and fun. I also want to include freelance work in there. I am going to school for graphic design and it's not something I just want to give up. I want to take on commissions and design work as a freelance artist. I'm not sure how all of these things are going to come together in the end but that's why I want to surround myself with tools in a space like skillshare. 

I think the biggest thing holding me back right now is how overwhelming it all seems. If you have any tips or tricks for me to combat that feeling that would be great feedback. I know what I want out of my life, it just seems impossible to get there.


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