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Angie Mroczka, Busy Mom & Passionate Entrepreneur



Hi there! My name is Angie Mroczka and I'm working on branding for two of my businesses (I also own a publishing house).

I'm a nerdy, book-loving, mother-of-one who loves to create beautiful things. Over the last year I kinda put myself in a box working as a freelance book designer, but I'm eager to dump that gig and move onto things I'm more passionate about.

With this course, I'm looking to rebrand my book 'business' blog (currently located at and starting a new one to cover my more artistic and spiritual side.



Blog 1 :: I focus on self-publishing, but from the aspect of software, tools, and technology. Many of the authors I've worked with have been tech-phobic and this is my chance to show them that they don't have to be. Geek Techy > Publishing Information & Coaching

Blog 2 :: I need a space to begin to re-find myself after becoming a wife and mom, along with sharing my love for beautiful things. I'd like to offer art prints of my digital art, shirts, and cards as well as try out surface design. Independent Momma Artist > Art, Shirts, Cards, & Other Products


Blog 1 :: Megan is 38 years old and isn't overly fond of the career she has found herself in. She does have a major passion for writing for children and has been told by those who have read her work that she needs to start publishing her books. She knows her way around the computer for basic stuff, but has absolutely no idea where to start publishing her books on her own. The information online is overwhelming. She just wishes she had someone who could point her in the right direction, quickly.

Blog 2 :: Amanda is at home with her two kiddos, 4 and 1.5. Now 34, she is starting to feel restless in her situation. Her relationship with her spouse, who works quite a bit, is more of a friendship than a romance anymore. Maybe staying at home isn't for her or maybe she just needs to find a hobby that will give her some "me" time. Will she ever be the same person she was before having kids? She finds a blog online by an author who is in a similar boat. It inspires her to do some soul searching and reconnect with herself again, allowing her to be more present with her kids and reconnect with her spouse.




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