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Loren Klein

Freelance Graphic Designer



Angelo's Pizza

I actually started with a sketch of the word Angie's in my sketchbook, just straight black ink, about an inch wide.


I traced the letters with a single stroke script, then doubled it up to make thicks and thins in the lettering, then just decided to convert the whole thing to outlines and I just edited the letters freeform. I was going for a more vintage look so I used my grandmother's vintage beauty cream canister for inspiration.


I was liking the third one, but I liked the less perfect letters in the fourth one better because it felt more vintage to me. But I realized I didn't like the name, so I moved the letters around and made it say Angelo's. The vectors aren't perfect but, hey, they didn't have computers back then anyway.



Then I had a lot of fun putting some vintage touches on it. I roughened it up and added texture too. 



I learned a lot with this lesson. And I'll definitely keep practicing. Please let me know if you have any feedback!


-Loren Klein


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