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Anecdotes Of A Musician Cartoonist

Hello there. First of all, I would like to be honest: I was not going to enroll because I find myself not being gifted with the art of being funny, and my style of drawing leans to a more realistic one but, I thought this would be a one-lifetime opportunity to learn and share experiences with the various creative minds around here.

I have a very rough idea of what I want my comic to be about, but I need to first find the correct style for my character. I have rarely tried to do a more-cartoony style of draw for human characters in my entire life, so I have at least four different styles drawn below plus a few sketches, all of the style are derivatives of Sarah's cartoony style but trying to apply something of my own.


He's a short, twenty-something guy in a never-ending war against the most fiercesome enemies: sociability, awkardness, laziness and more dangerous foes to come, while trying to fulfill his goal of becoming a musician and cartoonist, find the love of his life, and many other stuff happening in the life of this fella.

I will love some feedback from anyone to see what style might fit the best. (I might need to do more sketches before laying down a final sheet).


Update #1:

After a week and reaching for some help with my brother and comments from one student here, I retooled the design of my character; I have two final styles and I'm still undecided though they're similar; the only differences are the eyes and body size.

First, a few sketches with both designs and at least one of them using a six-head size instead of three:


I might wait a few days to see responses here or I'll try to upload later in the day the model sheet with both styles.

Update #2: Oh boy. Too much school stuff wouldn't let me continue with this, but I finally did a model sheet.


I first did it on a notebook then ink it digitally, just like the good old days. I felt more confortable and precise that way. I wanted to color it, but I am even more insecure about my color choices and techniques and I might need to simplify even more the clothes he and other characters would wear. I have at least 13 ideas for the strip (I guess ironically, these days were worth something), and I will try to upload one on this week or next (if I don't get too busy again). I would really love some more opinions to get better on this. Thank you!

Update #3:

Well, here I am to finally finish off this. Although I had very little help over here, I do appreciate those few comments about my work. I'll just have to keep practicing until I find my voice, just like Sarah says.



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