Andy's Journal WUU

Andy's Journal WUU - student project

DAY 1: Currently listening to...

It took a longer time than I expected (2 hours or so) to finish the whole class, but I really enjoyed it. It was time for me after all, and that's what matters at the end of the day.

Plus, I really liked the end result, to each one of the drawings I messed up a little bit, but I tried to not be so conscious about the details, since having fun was the whole point of the activity. 

I'm just on the first day however, I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.  

Andy's Journal WUU - image 1 - student project


Day 2: Recently I learned...

Decisions are f*****g hard to make and dreams are easily crushed (especially when you don't have enough money to make your dreams come true).

I recently discovered what I'm very passionate about: art, design, and fashion; too bad for me!, I'm 6 months away from finishing school and I must go to university right away (July/August 2021). Therefore, I started searching for places to study and to my surprise (actually, I was not), they were REALLY expensive, around $12000-18000 that I'm unable to pay since I live in Colombia and Colombian pesos are really devaluated. 

Then, I searched for scholarships that I'm not talented enough to win (from 0 to 100; 0, being a one-year-old kid and 100, Conan Gray; I'm fucking -100 being an aborted child) so, unfortunately, that is not an option.

Now I'm stuck deciding if I'm gonna study engineering as my parents want (probably earning a lot of money, but unhappy) or art/design as I love (probably earning not that much money, Idk how happy a person can be with a salary of $300/monthly), but in a country that despite its richness in art is not aware of its value. 

Yeah, decisions SUCK, if you have an opportunity, take it right away, they don't wait for you long. 

P.D. I'm sad/confused/angry/disappointed so I was not feeling like coloring :/.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 2 - student project

Day 3: Creating with...

First, I just wanted to tell guys that I did color my Day 2 drawing because you know I was feeling like it. Yesterday I was in a midnight breakdown (as one should), but now I'm still sad and confused but calmer.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 3 - student project

Second, I also continued with my journey on the third day, but I'm kinda tired so I just used a pencil and I wanted to add shadows and a grayscale; however, I think I'll add it tomorrow while listening to class (I'm still at virtual :/). 

Andy's Journal WUU - image 4 - student project

Day 4: Latest reading material...

Today I was in a chill mood since I decided to stand by my true interest (design) and study that. It'll be scary, but worth it. Besides, I've been reading the news to catch any opportunity I have but having fun reading my weird book "Innocent" by the side :).

Andy's Journal WUU - image 5 - student project

Day 5: Ingredients to my mess...

Today I was pretty lazy, I didn't work out, didn't pay attention in class, and draw on my journal at 11 p.m. lol. But it was cool to relax since this month is gonna be crazy with my IB exams ugh!!! 

Also, I discovered a very cool uni called "Universidad Nacional de Colombia UNAL" that is the best at design in my country (Colombia - South America) andddd *drums please* it has 430 internationalization in like 30 different countries... anddddd *drums again* has a dual-degree in Politecnico di Milano :):):):):):):). Besides, is public so I can afford it.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 6 - student project

 Day 6: Daily routine

Imma little late for this day, but #neckpain #headache and #breakdown. However, I'll return to this amazing journaling focused on illustration. Oh yeah, get it rolling babe ;).

Btw, I wrote daily as "dayly" but nvm I can't change it now :/.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 7 - student project

Day 7: Current cravings...

I know that the quality of my artwork neither my reflections haven't been that good lately, but hey! I'm at school, an IB school, and all my internal assessments are due in two weeks, and guess who hasn't' done anything yettt. Yeah that's me :/, your girl Any, and she'll die of f*****g tiredness; so if I stop uploading the day journals, you'd better call an ambulance because my death would be in front of me.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 8 - student project

Day 7: I keep wearing...

A must for me is my bunny pajama, perfect for the fracking cold weather in Bogotá, Colombia during November-January. I'm not that good at drawing clothes but I made the effort so my baby could look as good as possible.

Andy's Journal WUU - image 9 - student project

Day 8: Self-care necessities

It could be better ngl, but I'm pretty exhausted from school (IB exams wuh! :/). While I was drawing it I felt that I need them to come back ASAP!!!!

Andy's Journal WUU - image 10 - student project

 Day 10: Grocery Run

Nothing fancy ;).

Andy's Journal WUU - image 11 - student project