Andy Ford - Week 1 Project

Hey everyone, here is my project for week one. I just went into unity with a clear mind after watching Brandon's awesome tutorials and did with whatever came to mind. I ended up with a scene that gave me a small sense of The Elder Scrolls. Using what models I could find that were available for free, I made a scene that depics a fire demon terrorizing a building, i imagine the building to be a monestary and i substituted the miner character model and used him as a monk. I also changed the texture on the second demon to reflect ice, this along with his position facing the fire demon, kind of gives you the sense that he's there to stop the threat. I added a skybox and a volcano in the background. I like to think the fire demon attacked at night and maybe even conjured the volcano for added destruction.

This is my first time ever using unity or experiencing any form of game development and so far I'm loving it. Good luck to everyone on their projects, see you next week.


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