Android and Ubuntu setup

Android and Ubuntu setup - student project

Task management

For task management, I have chosen Wunderlist. It is free of charge, has reminders and one level folder-like nesting. Also, it has copying and duplicating commands that allows preparing templates in a separate folder inside the app. And you can connect Wunder list to Google Calendar.

So here is my tasks tree:

  • inbox

  • education

  • finance

  • productivity

  • health

  • job tasks

  • Projects

    • projects general tasks

    • project 1

    • project 2

  • Recurrent tasks

    • routine

    • housekeeping

  • Templates

    • packing list

    • video making


Google calendar:

  • Schedule routine

  • Birthdays

  • Events

  • Family

  • Work

  • Wunderlist tasks (Shows like all day events)


Currently, I use Typora while it is free. It provides very natural writing experience and allows to store notes in pure Markdown files in a nested folder structure.

To get access to my notes on Android I use “iA Writer” which is free for Android and connects to a Dropbox, so a can open my notes from a folder structure. To jot down new notes I use #inbox folder.

Folder/Notebooks system:

  • #Inbox

  • Job

  • My Projects

  • Personal

    • Books

      • Synopsis

    • Eucation

      • Design

      • Productivity

    • Finance

    • Health

    • Home Buying

    • Productivity

    • Traveling

  • Trash

There is one thing that I would like to mention about my notes taking system is that I am seriously thinking about using Notable application instead of Typora. It has nested notebooks plus nested tags, template mechanism and more powerful attachments that allows to link pages like Wiki.

But there are two main inconveniences:

  • To set up a notebook to store a note user has to type manually all nested notebooks structure (notebooks/personal/education/design). That drives me crazy =)

  • Notable stores all notes in a single directory describing notebooks structure in notes comments at the beginning of the file. And this is very inconvenient when I will access to such long notes list via “iA Writer”.

I think eventually I will come up with a way out and move to Notable in the future.

File management

Because of the terribly slow working of Google cloud with Ubuntu, I am going to try to fit all my need in 2.7GB of a free plan on Dropbox. It looks achievable thanks to small Markdown files size and my intention to not collect digital garbage like old or unused files and cats pictures. But for keeping scans from Scanbot I am going to use Google and also, I will duplicate Dropbox structure to Google Drive from time to time. As well I need it for Google docs and spreadsheets which I use not so often.

As you can see it is not perfect, so if someone has tips on how to use Gdrive as like as Dropbox, immersively in a file system, in Ubuntu I will very thankful.

If you don't have Dropbox yet you can use this link ( to get a new account and help me earn some more extra space =)

Dropbox tree:

  • #Files

    • Education

    • Job

    • MyProjects

      • Drawings

        • Archive

        • Icons

    • Personal

    • SharedStorage

  • Notes (Typora files)

  • Scanbot

  • Applications

Digitization tools

Scanbot free plan with sending to a Gdrive folder. I send scans to a Dropbox only for post-processing to notes.


A review day I have set up on Sundays. Also, I think that I will use a bullet journal with weekly running lists because I have noticed that it is inconvenient for me to observe all week tasks on a screen in Wunderlist. Paper is more demonstrative for my perception.

Thank you, Thomas!

George Shchennikov
Let's learning!