Andria's Apple Butter, etc.

Andria's Apple Butter, etc. - student project

4/8/2013 - Site created. Includes 4 pages (index, products, process, contact). Added one image and validated the code. Below is a description.

Andria's Apple Butter, etc. creates delicious products made from organically grown and all natural ingredients the old fashioned way. Some products include, apple butter, pumpkin butter and sweet and savory butter spreads.

4/10/2013 - Added a table for pricing on the product page below the product listing. Added a map and form on the contact page. Validated the code.

4/12/2013 - Added meta keywords and semantic elements to all pages. Added an iframe youtube video on how to make apple butter on the "Our Process" page and also added an embedded video on how to pick apples that I downloaded from youtube. I was a little confused on how to download a video from youtube at first but then googled it and used Clip Converter to convert the video to .mp4 and .ogg and I was successful.

4/29/2013 - Created a CSS page. Changed the fonts and colors . I worked on the index page, but I can't figure out how to get it to apply to the other pages.