Andrew Sorkin's Future Fans

Until recently, I have done work for other people and projects, but only now am "coming out" as an indedendant music producer and songwritter.  For my music that already exists, I think this describesmy future audience.

This meant to be experienced here w/audio samples, better design, and signup link :)

+ Remembers vinyl (Age 24-40) 

+ Has ecstatically "felt the music" before, but 

doesn't go out as much these days.  

+ misses being around a scene not because of 

social benefits but new music discovery for

+  Preferes creating own playlists with actual 
files to streaming apps like Spotify

+Likes "classic" electronic artists like Aphex 

Twin, Massive Attack, Royksopp, Tretemoller, Orbital

+ Secretly likes mainstream EDM music done 

well such as Skrillex and Purity Ring, but 

won't admit it unless drunk

+ Enjoys cyber punk, and hand picked plants.

I'm currently working on a sideproject aimed at more of "pop" audience... coming soon :)  If interested in beats / collaboration hit me up :)


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