Andrea's baseball spot illustrations

Andrea's baseball spot illustrations - student project

Thank you for this class, Tom! It was interesting to follow your process and see how you work. There is so much helpful information in your class - I especially appreciated the sections on principles of stylization (simplification is such a challenge) and inspiration vs imitation. 

I definitely have a lot to work to do in finding my style, keeping my style consistent and refining final illustrations. And I find myself relying a lot on my reference images - trying to copy them instead of using them for general ideas of position.


My imagined context for my spot illustrations is a brochure or website for a kids' recreational baseball league. 

List A:

- baseball, glove, bat, players, cleats, gum, scoreboard, popcorn

List B:

- excitement, learning, encouragement, commitment, teamwork


My sketches:

Andrea's baseball spot illustrations - image 1 - student project


 Andrea's baseball spot illustrations - image 2 - student project 

 Final artwork:Andrea's baseball spot illustrations - image 3 - student project

Andrea's baseball spot illustrations - image 4 - student project