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Zack Eng

Designer @ LOYAL3



Andrea's Honey from the Farmers Market

2. Inspiration and Mood Boards

I started to search the internet for some honey labels I liked and found a lot of really great stuff. In this project I am slightly limited to some of the shapes and forms because there is a clear sticker area on this bear bottle of honey so I won't talk about the incredible forms that a lot of these had. 

I separated these into categories based on some of the things that I was really inspired by. The first set, I was really inspired by the simplicity. I originally thought I wanted a hand-made design that would be inspired by a lot of that contino-esque stuff. I still might go that way but a lot of these beautiful designs make me this otherwise. I think something to think about no matter what is how great the use of color in the logo works to show off the honey. The far left one here matches the can top and label and it really serves to frame the brilliant honey color. 

My next batch are the more decorative versions. I love the ornament and it seems like that fits to make something "special feeling" for the office. I love the subtle pattern on the left ones that maintain simplcity with the intricate. 

Finally, I found some that I loved the personality in. Embracing some kind of humor or light personality seems to fit really naturally with my assignment. I imagine creating a fake name for the honey and it might be a great chance to introduce some cuteness into the design

First batch of sketches coming in hot!


1. Introduction and Project Story

Why Hello. My name is Zack and I am working as a graphic designer here in beautiful San Francisco! Came to the project for my love of Jon Contino. I have always been a fan of his style and I wanted to soak up some of that knowledge. A possibility came to me that seemed to give me a sweet excuse so I signed up. 

I work at a start up in the city. As a designer, besides my day-today work, I try to add as many little bits of fun as I can with any skill I have. A "branding problem" came my way when our awesome receptionist complained that nobody was using the honey in the kitchen. She would take trips to the Farmer's Market nearby and get this incredible honey for the office, but the container was an oversized canister. She decided to pour the big canister of honey into an empty bottle from Target brand honey so that people could use it more easily. The only thing is that instead of people being excited about fancy honey, they saw the label from the old Target brand and wouldn't use it. I decided to swoop the stickers off of the bottle and make my own for this awesome honey.

I am really inspired to make this fun and interesting. Off the top of my head, I am not as interested in displaying official facts or names of the honey since it doesn't have to be mass produced in public. My goal is to make something fun or interesting that people will look at in the office and feel like it is special. The good thing about honey is most people already know what it is and it doesn't need a lot of explaining.


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