Andrea - student project


Andrea is a name original meant for baby boys and therefore holds the original meaning of manly prince, or famous bearer. This was a time where only men could be brave princes or famous bearers. As this name became more popular for baby girls, it started to be interpreted as the feminine equivalent of these things: womanly, princess, etc.

After researching this, I feel excited to sort of reclaim the meaning of my name in its feminine form. I am grateful to live in a world where I can be a woman and also brave, powerful, and bold. Today, individuals named Andrea are commonly said to be unique, complete, honest, inspired, wise, sensitive, clever, and more.

Here's a look at my word web below. I had a lot of fun researching and creating this web - I definitely plan to use this style of brainstorming in the future. In terms of my illustration, there are not a ton of concrete ideas associated with my name to use. However, I am excited to see where this research takes me! More progress coming soon!

Andrea - image 1 - student project


For my illustration, I decided to focus on the princess concept. To add to this, I included some leaves, branches, hearts, and starts to represent some of the more abstract concepts that came up in my research. I do not draw as much I would like to so it took me a couple tries to reach this point. I tried out a few different styles of illustration before I arrived at this sketch below. I was pretty happy with how this layout turned out so I did not change it much going into the final illustration.

Andrea - image 2 - student project

Final Product

I am very happy with how the final illustration turned out! I struggled with the colors a little bit at first, but figured it out when I decided to switch up my colors. I really enjoyed the textures that were introduced and plan to use them more in the future!

Andrea - image 3 - student project