Andante - student project

So for my project, I decided to work on the world that I'm creating for a book I'm writing. I'm not sure how much about it I can actually share since it is in the early stages of creation, but I can say that the entire world revolves around those who are essentially bards. Magic can only be used through singing, dancing, or instrumental performance. It is an odd world that while technologically advanced in regards to anything to do with talent, clings to old ways outside of it. Buildings that teach talents may look old but will house very modern things. Those without talent still do old school farming or trade. As I'm still working out how the world works, I wanted to show something that I did already have locked down. The School of Voice has a portal that acts as a doorway to one of the Eternals, but it was locked so that no one could get to it. 

Andante - image 1 - student project

I went through a couple of ideas on how I wanted to show the place of the Eternal against the backdrop of the city below. Eventually, I decided to go with the school since it is important to the start of the story and all of the schools become important later. I did change up the mic for a violin since that is more important to the storyline at the moment... might change later as I develop it.


Andante - image 2 - student project

Sorry for the bad pictures. It was actually really hard to photograph with the lighting I have. It is hard to see in the picture but there is a music note cut out of the chair. If I can get a better picture I'll edit this at a later date.