Samuel Naesen

It all starts with you



And the winner is..

You got me engaged Neil, that's for sure :)

I will adopt tip #4, and that for many reasons. Not everyone who enroll to a class is actually watching it entirely, even when It's free. I know this for a fact. For my first class, I gave out 20 free coupons to my friends.

After a week or so, I questioned them one by one to understand exactly what they actually learned from me. I thought, in order for me to be a great teacher, I need to understand my audience. Asking for feedback to my friends seemed like a great start.

11 out of 20 admitted that they didn't go passed the second video. They said that they weren't really interested in my class, they just wanted to help me out.

My strategy in the future is to first talk about the subject at hand in a friendly conversation. After seeing some interest, I'll explain my class in summary and give them a free coupon. The latter holds true if they're still pumped about the subject of course.

Great class, thanks for sharing!


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