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And the Soul Felt Its Worth

I have really loved the line "and the soul felt its worth" from O Holy Night for a long time and I think it holds a lot of meaning. I've considered turning it into a print in the past but didn't have the plan, the skills or the time.  So I decided to use that phrase for this project.  I like it because it is short, it is personal to me, and I like the feeling it embodies.

The anticipated application for this project is a framed print as well as possibly a set of cards.

Lettering Warm-up:

I loved this video and exercise.  It was probably my favorite part of the whole class.  I am not a designer, nor am I an artist so I loved this guidance.  My lettering skills are elementary at best, but I had fun trying things out.  Here are my sketches:

I liked the shape, the ornate, and the curve attempts.  Blackletter I didn't really know what I was doing and I just felt like, when I was doing the serif, that I wanted it to be perfect and hated the way it looked when it wasn't.

Inspiration/Mood Board:

I took some pix while I was exploring some vintage/antique shops with my mom.  Some great lettering and design samples there. I know that I don't want the first thought when you look at my print to be "Oh, Christmas!"  I realize that the line is from a Christmas carol but it a sentiment that can be enjoyed year round. So I will probably shy away from too much red.

This is a link to a set of pictures on my flickr page with some vintage lettering and design ideas:

Here is some "thumbnailing" that I did.  I did like the direction it started to go in.  More edits to come...

More versions, trying things out.....

As soon as I added that "And The" at the top I hated it.  And I also didn't like the angled alignment of those words, so I kept hunting to find a style that went with the rest of it and with the theme...


Here's the final version that I scanned in and I will contine the rest of this project in Mary-Kate's Lettering II class!


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