And on the 7th Day Beer Bread Was Born!

Hi, my name is Candace and I really enjoyed this class. To tie in with the discussion questions I have a love hate realtionship with making bread. I love the fantasy of making a beautiful, hot, fresh loaf of bread that is pure, honest, and simple. But more often than not my bread fantasies become nightmares.I think its because I really have no idea what I am doing and there is an overload of information on the internet when I try and find a bread recipe.

So the things that scare me about making bread are: That moment when I check on it to see if its risen at all and it hasn't (I think from using the wrong flours). Texture. Most breads I've attempted to make end up thick and not fluffy. Also ingredients. I don't eat animal products and I have some knowledge of what subs work (Like flax egg is a great sub for eggs! 1 TBS ground flax seed + 3 TBS water = 1 egg) But it's mostly with the flour. I tried ot make a cake once that called for cake flour and my local natural food store (which has like a million different types of flour) didn't have it and I just winged it and I think my cake was kinda dry.

I'm excited to try the beer bread because I have some vital wheat gluten sitting in my pantry, and it seems like a fun simple bread to make (ecspecially when you have a toddler running aorund).

From this I hope to gain confidence when it comes to baking bread. I have a go-to pizza dough recipe that is very similar to the white bread, but when I try anything else it is usually a fail.

The cheddar biscuits look super good and I would love to try to make the vegan version of them, but I'm not sure how the subs would work. I have made a vegan version of the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits using Daiya Cheddar "Cheese" and they are super good, so I wonder if I could use it for your recipe as well?

My favorite breads are a good sourdough with kalamata olives and garlic in it, banana bread, zuchini bread, and yummy locally made seeded whole grain breads! :)

I'll try and make it this weekend, so please check back in soon for an update.


Today I baked the bread, and I am really happy with how it turned out! My two year old really liked it too and  had fun helping me make it. I used the following ingredients: 

  • Organic Unbleached Baker's Choice Flour
  • Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Oranic Brown Sugar
  • Baking Poweder
  • Sea Salt
  • Lost Coast Brewing Company's Downtown Brown Ale

We used a bowl instead of a bag because I didn't have any. And I used a Pyrex baking dish and baked the bread for the full time recommended. This was fun and easy and I will be making it again in the future!

Beer! :)


All the dry ingredients in the bowl.

Next class I take should probably be a food photgraphy class ;)


Next we added the beer. My son had fun helping me mix it. (don't worry i didn't let him taste the batter)


In the pan she goes! Smoothing out the bread was probably the hardest part.


And like magic bread was born!


Someone couldn't wait for it to cool to try it. ;)


Food Styling?


Having a fresh warm slice with some Earth Balance vegan butter. :)


After looking at all these pictures I can't help but wonder if maybe I should of let it get browner on top? Well anyways, it has a nice littke crust and is not too dense or crumbly inside.

I love bread! thanks for looking! :)


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