Hey everyone! Looking forward to reading all of your pitches, as well as hearing your feedback on ours!

1. Define the problem your venture is solving and what differentiates your company.

Ancor is building an application to help people achieve their personal goals by anchoring their larger aspirations to their day to day schedule. Our product uses proven motivational theory to coach our users down their paths to success, and provides them with a simple way to track their progress and achievements along the way. Ancor also acts as a social hub through which individuals can reach out to others with similar aims, allowing them to find encouragement and support amongst their peers. The tools we provide are not your normal scheduling or task management solutions; we provide another layer on top of these existing products, focusing explicitly on how we can help our users accomplish anything they set out to do.

2. Articulate what motivates you to devote the next X years of your life to this company and problem.

Ancor was originally designed with the most selfish of intentions: I have a personal obsession with the pursuit of perfection, and have found existing schedule and task management tools to be lacking with regards to long-term, overarching goals. I believe that the reason people fail to accomplish their goals is not because of a lack of dreams and aspirations, but because of an inability to recapture these lofty ideals within their everyday lives, as well as a lack of encouragement from the people around them. I want nothing more than to build a tool that helps myself and others do exactly that.

3. Identify your competitors - both startups and big companies that might move in to your space.

There are a number of existing competitors in the space:
Goalscape (https://www.goalscape.com/)
GoalsOnTrack (http://goalsontrack.com/)
Joe’s Goals (http://www.joesgoals.com/)
None of these existing products integrate with outside scheduling products, nor do they provide the social hub aspect that Ancor does.

4. Do your homework on investors and determine your short list of firms you'll pitch to, Why them?

Have not finished this yet, still working on it!


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